About Us

The best of Italian food in one little shop.

We think of Soffritto as a little store with big heart. We’ve packed a lot of amazing products into our space, and we’re always there to help you find the hidden gems. 

Soffritto started over 8 years, from a dream and an idea of the Founder, Gord Fontaine. We take pride in our products and want to share these with people both within and outside our community. We stand behind the integrity and quality of our olive oils, vinegar's, and products, and want to bring our products to your table.

We are located in Calgary and currently have 5 locations across the city, with a plan of a 6th location to be opening in 2020.

We hope you enjoy our olive oils, vinegar's and products as much as we do!

We appreciate you taking time to look at our page, and truly encourage you to try some of our amazing products! Trust us you won't regret it.