Chilean Harvest 2022 - Picual Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil IOO153

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IOO153                                            Country of Origin: Chile  

Medium Intensity

Crush Date: May 2022


Our ever-popular medium intensity Chilean Picual is floral with a complimentary herbal finish and displays a sweet fruity nose with notes of stone fruit & peach fuzz. Well balanced with a lingering pepper finish. Super High Oleic! 

     *Biophenols: 308.6 ppm                FFA:  0.18    

      Oleic Acid: 81.2                            Peroxide: 5.1

      DAGs: 98.0                                  *PPP: <1.0

      Squalene: 7,620.5                         A-Tocopherols: 295.2


Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

                     FRUITINESS    4.7

                     BITTERNESS   2.0

                         PUNGENCY      2.5 

            *As measured at the time of crush