California - new harvest 2020 Cuvee Extra Virgin Olive Oil IOO976

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IOO976                                           Country of Origin: USA  

Mild Intensity                          Wine Country - California 

Crush Date: Nov 2020


This small batch California Cuvee is a blend of prominently California Arbequina and California Frantoio but also contains Leccino and Pendolino, grown in the same Wine Country Orchard. The result is a wonderfully balanced oil with notes of dried herb plus apple peal and a creamy green almond center. Slight pepper finish. This is a great oil for confectionary applications and baking. 


 *Biophenols: 278.5                 FFA: 0.28

      Oleic Acid:  63.8                    Peroxide: 4.7

      *DAGs: 88.9                          PPP: **

      Squalene: **                          A-Tocopherols: **


            *As measured at the time of crush.

             **Limited small batch production - not measured.