Arbequina IOO024

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IOO024                                            Country of Origin: Chile  

Mild Intensity

Crush Date: May 2019


This mild Arbequina is heavenly on the nose. It is creamy, mild and approachable, with prominent notes of artichoke and pine nut. Displaying no bitterness, it has a clean pink peppercorn finish. 

     *Biophenols: 286.8 ppm             FFA: 0.13     

      Oleic Acid: 77.1                         Peroxide: <2.0 

      DAGs: 96.5                               *PPP: <1.0

      Squalene: 4,616.5                     A-Tocopherols: 104.6


            *As measured at the time of crush