Stone & Grove - Olive Leaf Teas

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We are excited to introduce to you the new Stone and Grove range of olive leaf teas!

We are offering 4 different variety of teas; Women's Health, Detox, Immunity & Olive Leaf & Green Tea Sencha!

What Makes It Great

  • The teas are produced from fresh leaves harvested in the Spring and Autumn from Boundary Bend's olive groves in north west Victoria, Australia.
  • They are picked and processed fresh using a traditional Japanese green tea method utilizing steaming, cooling and rolling to maximize the flavor and antioxidant content.
  •  The olive leaf tea is 100% produced from fresh leaves, and all of our olive leaves are fully traceable from grove to cup 
  • The packaging is beautiful and makes an amazing gift, perfect for this holiday season and beyond!


  • Detox Olive Leaf Tea with Citrus & Calendula: Distinctively Citrus. Hot or Chilled. Refreshing Finish. Drink it In. Naturally caffeine free. Oletea Olive Leaf Tea (42%), Nettle, Red Clover, Liquorice Root, Dandelion Root, Burdock, Calendula, St. Mary’s Thistle, Lemon Verbena, Rhubarb Root, Lemon Peel, Natural Pomegranate Flavour, Natural Orange Flavour.
  • Immunity Olive Leaf Tea with Lemon & Ginger: Herbal. Refreshingly Fresh. Hot or Chilled. Balanced Finish. Drink it In. Naturally Caffeine Free. Oletea Olive Leaf Tea (38%), Echinacea Root, Rosehips, Lemon Peel, Liquorice Root, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Spearmint, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, Natural Lemon Flavour.
  •  Women's Health Olive Leaf Tea with Chamomile & Rose Petals: Smooth. Subtle rose petal and floral flavours. Hot or Chilled. Drink it In. Oletea Olive Leaf (39%), Nettle, Chamomile, Liquorice Root, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Raspberry Leaf, Rosemary, Rose Petals, Natural Vanilla Flavour.
  • Olive Leaf Tea with Green Tea Sencha: Vibrant. Warming Hug. Perfectly Balanced. Refreshing finish. Drink it In. Oletea Olive Leaf Tea (50%), Green Tea Sencha (50%). Contains Caffeine.